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I'm 16 and I want to learn ballet, is it too late?


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I really want to learn ballet because it's such a graceful dance. However, I am already 16 years old, and can't do the splits. :o Will I make it if I start learning now? Will I have to train and practice every day? :o

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There's really nothing to stop you from beginning ballet at 16, and splits are not a criterion for ballet. You will probably have to start with less-than-everyday classes, to prevent shocking the body, as you would with any new physical activity. However, I wonder what you consider "making it"? Odds are pretty much against getting to professional proficiency, but a recreational level that would allow you to perform with a civic company is within reach. In any case, you will need the very best instruction available to you.

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all i can say is good luck. i hope you enjoy learning ballet. just stretch everyday to try to get to that splits. be sure u dont over stretch though!

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Rachie, if you read Mr. Johnson's post, it says that splits are not a criterion for ballet. Please do not give advice on the YD forum! Also, we do not allow the use of numbers or single letters for words. Please edit your post and correct it. Thank you!

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You are never too old to begin learning this art form. Although at this point the odds of performing with a large company is virtually NIL (however it has happened to verrrry few) it's still a TON of fun just to be able to dance! It improves your flexibility, strength, stamina, and on top of all THAT, ballet is very beautiful. Good luck!

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Sorry, cassy, but this is the YD 13-16 board! :wub: Your post was nice and encouraging, but, with our new policy we have to remove posts by adults on YD.

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Civic ballet (aka Regional Ballet) is the ballet equivalent of "Community Theater". Nobody's paid, but there can be very high-functioning dancers there, depending on the talent base of the community. Regional Ballet is a term which has a double meaning, either a professional company in a secondary city or locality, or a civic company. For the amateur groups, I prefer to use "civic ballet" to avoid confusion.

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Guest Julie Pollard

well, there is nothing in your way to stop you, but try a class where you won't be intimidated by the better dancers than you. Also, when you start a class, make sure you are not in a class with little kids because you are beginning. Try trying out for a ballet studio that they might have beginning adult classes or open beginner classes. Even if you never go pro, but you will still have fun and you will still learn the graceful and beautiful dance of ballet. GOOD LUCK & HAVE FUN!!!



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