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ENB at Albert Hall

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I may -- I'm going to go back to a basic Beginners' class next week at my own studio to see how I go, and whether I can get fit enough and get over the complications in the nerves in my arms coming out of my broken wrist. But it sounded such fun reading here about the class on the stage last time the ENB did this!

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Similar to Redbookish -- I haven't sent the form (off so maybe it's too late?). I have been out of class for aeons, partly just because I have LOADS of work and am never EVER going to finish my thesis at this rate, and partly because I'm having physio for my dodgy hip. It seems that ballet really does make it worse :blink: . Going back to class sets me back. I don't know if that means I should find a new activity :blink::thumbsup: ... or... what. But I just don't have any idea whether I'll feel able to do a tendu with the ENB on 16th June. At least my nerves are all in the right places, though - your wrist sounds like such a trial, Redbookish. Hope you heal quickly :thumbsup: .

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Am actually going have to miss it this year.


And miss the whole Swan Lake season at the Albert hall as well, because I'm going to ADC!!


Gggggrrrrrr...... they perform on the exact days that I am not in the country...... :shrug:

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I will be back in the states, thus no ENB for me, but have fun guys :-)

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Is this day similar to the ENB choreographic days and if it is do people not find them technically difficult? I went to the one in November last year and struggled terribly with the warm up! Let alone anything else. I've only been dancing a couple of years but thought it would be more than suitable for my level.


Just wondering because love the idea but am reluctant to go again.

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Giselle, I haven't been to the choreographic days, so I don't know how to compare. I think if you do a search here, you might find reports back? I've been to a Royal Albert Hall day about 2 years back, and that same season a 'Romeo and Juliet' day.... where we learned some repertoire. I found the class on the first day easier than the Albert Hall day, but I think that was just due to the difference in teachers.


Either way, I'd wait for others to respond....


But honestly, who is going? I'm gutted. I haven't been to one of these for two years due to all sorts of scheduling problems, and I'm most likely leaving the UK this year so arranged with some of my girlfriends to go - 4 of us applied.


So far, I'm in, two of the others didn't get in, and I am waiting to hear from my fourth friend. We are gutted, as we wanted this to be a fun 'reunion' for us before two of us leave the country... :shrug:


Of course, not ENBs fault, but these events are in such high demand and so well-publicised now on this and the ballet.co board. :( I'm hoping my friends can still get in. We may also go see the amazing Swan Lake cast that day.


Fish, I'm jealous that you're going to ADC again. I would love to do something like that. For what it's worth though, as big and in your face as the round performances are, I still prefer a proper stage/audience divide. I'm only going to this one because I'm in love with Vogel, and Sylve is amazing...

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I didnt get in, my cheque came back :shrug: they are fully booked

Im realy disapointed as I couldnt go last November as I was bridesmaid for my best friend and I wouldnt miss that for the world although... for one crazy moment I was thinking if I could just go for the morning or if there was some way of doing both! :wacko:

There really arent enough options for adult ballet students in the UK especially if you live outside London.


Im sad that I wont be there but hope everyone really enjoys it and posts back there response.

Redbookish/Ruby - I hope your better soon x

Fish - lucky you, have fun at ADC

DSL - Take care in the states

Giselle - Maybe you should give it another go if you get in as it is such an experience, Ive only been to two ENB days, loved them both and found them hard for several reasons. The main reasons I struggled was confidence, Im always looking to push my comfort boundaries further to increase my confidence, lack of experience (only just over two years of ballet), different surroundings/teachers/content and nerves of course :P

Ami - youre the lucky one, enjoy every moment, I bet you will be amazing :wub:

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Well, I guess that Cassy's post has made my decision for me -- I've procrastinated too long & they're booked up! Probably just as well, as I'm not sure how fit or brave I'll be.


I have one of my twice weekly physio appointments next Monday at 4pm, and I think I might get up the courage to go to the absolute Beginners' class at my studio after that ... It'll be interesting to see if the often excruciating pain in my fingers & arm is helped or exacerbated by a baby beginners' class. We'll see ... at least there won't be anything complicated.

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The English National Ballet (ENB) has a summer season at the Royal Albert Hall, and a Christmas season at the Coliseum.


Their Education department often organises workshops and classes following the theme of performances they are doing.


2 years ago, when they were doing Romeo and Juliet at the Albert hall, they had a "dance on stage" day where we took a class on stage at the Royal Albert Hall (Yes I can tell my grandchildren 40 years later and say "Yes Nan did dance on stage at the Royal Albert Hall!!), followed by a tour of the building, and then we came back down to see the company do class.


It was brilliant fun. :dry:


A Rep day would be a class in the morning, followed by a session to learn some of the choreography from the production.


A Choreography day would be a class in the morning, followed by a session where everyone has to do a bit of choreography.



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My cheque was sent back too, cassy.

Really disappointed - I was quick off the mark to reply, but you must have to send it the very next day.

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oh dear, i do wish we could all go :)

hope everyone that goes has a great time, are you all looking forward to it? :D

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Thought I'd bump this up... anyone going? Anyone got in off the waiting list (is there a waiting list???).....



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I'm working at the British Library on Friday & Saturday as I have another conference paper to research & write, so can get away for a BT4D meet up (although not to dance, sob).

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