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my shins are hurting!? help


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I wasn't too sure of where to post this so I posted this in the health nutrition forum as well (please delete whichever one is not necessary) but anyways...

I forgot to ask my teacher this tonight, but my shins started to really bother me this morning (I think it's from improper jumping hehe) but I'm not too sure. What do I do to relieve some of the pain (heat, ice, tape, what)? Thanks so much


please send your help asap!

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Leighton, I'm so sorry, but we cannot cross post topics. Your first post was correct, on the Nutrition and Health forum. It will be answered there when one of our medical professionals comes on the board. We discourage anyone else from answering questions on that forum until the medical moderators have responded. :shrug: I will close this one, since it is a duplicate thread.

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