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pirouettes at the barre...


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i posted a thread like this earlier on i think, but i'm still having trouble and need some new ideas.


my pirhouettes in center are improving gradually i think, (though from second they're exceptionally hard!!!) but I'm still having a lot of trouble with pirhouettes at the barre. i think it's some sort of psychological thing of feeling unbalacanced or spinning with these two bars only a few inches away from me...my teacher thinks i am holding back on her and maybe that's true on some level because i've been a lot more careful with how i move ever since i dislocated my knee while dancing, but mostly i just think its a lack of proper technique.


any pointers, anyone?

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Carrie, if your pirouettes (please note, no "h"...I fixed it in your title) are working in the center, I would not be overly concerned with the barre. More than a single turn at the barre is not necessary, and most teachers don't use them very often at all, except when teaching them to young ones facing the barre, and for fouetté preparation with more advanced students. Remember, barre is where you learn the mechanics of what your will be doing in the center, and as long as you understand the mechanics of the turn, and can do them in center, fine. And stay with a single if you must do them at barre.

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Ok, thanks much, that's good to know!!!

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Guest Chrysocolla

I'm always scared to do pirouettes at the barre because I'm afraid that I will crash into the barre...it makes me nervous to have something infringing on my personal space while I am do pirouettes ;)

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Chrysocolla, that's EXACTLY the problem that I have!!! It's the most irritating unbalanced feeling for me.

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