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turn out muscles


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I dont have very good turn out and I'm constantly stretching to make it better. My teacher is constantly saying " Use your turn out muscles" now this may seem very ignorant, but where are your turn out muscles?

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Hello Lauren, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :blushing:


The "turn out muscles" are actually the muscles in the buttocks, rotators, plus of course the hip joints and the Y-ligament. They have to all work well to create maximum rotation. Many people fail to use the muscles in the buttocks because they are leaving it too relaxed. Those muscles have to work! Not grip, or tuck, but they must rotate, and when they are working, they can rotate. :) PS - They won't work if the body is not properly placed and aligned. If your weight is back too far, the pelvis tilted forward or back, or the knees hyperextended and pushing back, then the rotators can't function.

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