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Television: Burger King Commercial

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I tried typing in "ad to meet you" and I did not find it. I also tried typing in "Burger King commercial." Am I missing it somehow??? Sorry, I'm not very good with computers.



Ok I found it never mind...that was cute...I bet it's cuter on a big tv screen though...=)

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I think it is produced in a humorous fashion - love the green pointe shoes. Would love to see it on a big screen :-)

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Just saw an ad last night for Gap with Scarlett Johansen (oops, Claire Danes) dancing with what appears to be a talented male. It is not ballet, but still fun to watch.


Seems that this year there has been a spat of advertising featuring dance, many featuring ballet! :):lol:


I too find the Burger King commercial rather strange, particularly when she reaches both hands into his pockets from the back. :blink: Still, it does feature dancers who are actually ballet trained and that is a good thing!

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I think that was Claire Danes. You can watch the ad on Gap.com. I enjoyed it too! :)


The male dancer is Patrick Wilson.

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I just saw the commercial for the first time last night during AI and thought it was cute. Nutcracker music immediately conjurs up thoughts of ballet so it was great to see real ballet dancers in this commercial. Loved the green pointe shoes, it's the "Burger King" that creeps me out!

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i <3 the tutus...wish i had one like that! lol

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I love that video! It's pretty cute...lol. The ending was kinda awkward, but it was still awesome! I love when the girl did the penchee kick and almost kicked the guys head. :clapping:

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