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Hi, I have read in previous threads to stretch the thighs if you have over developed thigh muscles. I just haven't been able to find anything on what some of those stretches might be. :) Could anybody tell me if there are any good stretches to help this?

I know that usually overdeveloped thigh muscles are usually from missuse or body type, but if there's anything that can help I would love to know! :blushing:

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Standing on one leg, bend the working leg behind you. Take your pointed foot in your hand and pull the heel up toward your buttocks, while maintaining the knees together. Remain as pulled up and tall as possible while you do the stretch.

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vrsfanatic, once you have done that and don't feel any stretch anymore, what`s safest the next step? It is like i don`t feel ths stretch anymore when I do that but can`t quite do a backcatch yet...Is there any "intermediate" quad stretch ou there...

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What is a "back catch"?

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Pull your turned in knee/leg behind you as far as you can! If you cannot hold your foot in your hand this may not be possible at all!

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