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OK, late starter here. I am "inspired" by some other poster who stated that some dancers are "barre" dancers some are "center" dancers and the one`s who will make it should equally master both. Yup, My first years of training were with an nitpicky meticulous ex principal dancer lady :yucky: that I still love to death and still maintain a good relationship/mentor with. However, she was more of a syllabus type teacher. Under her instruction, quality always before quantity :blushing: . My family has moved at the end of last summer and I am at a new school now since last September(different syllabus too)


Mind you, I have been accepted to some top SI and rejected by other top ones too this past audition season. At one "top" 3-letter named audition,


The auditioner complimented me AT THE BARRE on some attiude croisee position we were doing, however, come to center, I could just feel her noding inside her head saying to herself why she even bothered...( No, I swear I am not making this up!)

So what is some food for thoughts about making oneself a better center dancer?

I have a pretty strong body.

And not too bad balance. But gettting the combo fastly enough (ie just before it is "your turn") at that new school has probably been my greatest challenge but at the same time biggest improvement from last fall (anyways, that`s how I feel), considering I had been mostly used to a slower and exacting method...

It is always like, I feel I could be more precise while doing things (since I have a mental idea of *how* things should be from my previous training but the tempo seems always just too fast for me... :blushing: At a slower tempo, I feel I could probably do most everything accurately but in this school changing/varying tempo never seems to be an option ....

HELP!!!! :blushing:

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It takes time when you change methods and schools, especially if you come from a school with a very slow and careful syllabus and not a lot of free work where you learn to pick up combinations and choreography quickly. Be patient. It will come. And, it's totally normal for the barre to be better than the center for quite a while.

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