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im sick


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i just got really sick with the flu and an 104 degree fever, so obviously i couldn't go to ballet classes. but this is lasting longer than i thought (i skipped my first class on saturday, and it doesn't look like i'll be going tomorrow)


does a week off really matter? should i do anything to prep for getting back into it, or is a week not long enough to need to think about it?

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If one has the real influenza virus, then a diagnosis by a physician is really mandatory. People throw the word "flu" around without much thought, but if it's the real deal, it can turn into some other, much uglier things, some of which can kill you, even in this day and age. If it's the "troo floo", then you're out for two weeks, minimum.

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yeah i actually do have it, i tested positive for type A at the ER (my mom took me in when she saw my fever :angry:)


two weeks seems a little drastic, don't you think? i'm already feeling like i can go back by tomorrow! are you sure?!?

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That's one of the unbeautiful things about influenza. You start to feel better, and you resume normal activities, then the relapse hits, and you're in big BIG trouble! You have to get it well out of your system. Hepatitis acts much the same way. Acute phase, subsidence, relapse. There are others that do this sort of thing, too, but these are the hinkiest and most common of things that dancers see.

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I'm trying to think of something to say but...I'm too busy pouting :angry: ..... :lol:


well, that is some very bad news indeed! hmmm....

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I know exactly how you feel. I just got over the flu (yes, the real flu :unsure: ) and I took barre like two days after I got it and the next day I felt 10 times worse. I would wait until you aren't running a fever a few days before going back. And when you do go back just take it easy, don't throw yourself into it.


I was out about a week...I hope you start feeling better!

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its hard to come back into dance. even when i just sprained my pinky toe i had to lay it low, i have never gotten the real flu, but i can nly imagine how hard it would be to go back after only a weeks rest!

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When you first start back, depending on how long you were out and how sick you were, you might feel a bit weak. However, it's really not that difficult. When you are young, you snap back very quickly. :unsure: Just take it a bit easy the first day or two. A week or two is not a disaster.

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