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Moved around in class


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Normally my wednesday night ballet class has a set order of where everyone stands in the centre. The younger 15 - 17 year old girls stand in front in a row and then the older ladies and me stand in a second row behind them. I normally stand in the far corner so I have a lot of room to move as there can be as many as 15 people in the room.


We have an exam coming up and in class on wednesday night my teacher rearranged the class so I am now stood on the front row with the other younger dancers who are taking the exam. Then behind me is a row of older ladies who are also taking the exam and then behind them is a row of ladies who do not wish to take the exam.


My question is what is the purpose of my techer moving me so significantly. Does she just want to see how I'll cope in front or is she trying to get me bond more with the younger dancers? How should I behave now? In class I think I messed up nearly every single combination, the arms were wrong, I tripped over someone else, etc. Maybe does she want me to be more aware of others moving around me as I am out of the way of this in the corner normally. I just wanted a bit of insite if any can be given as to how I should now behave and what she is looking for. I'm very shy but I really want to try and get over it and maybe shes noticed this and is trying to give me a chance.


Any help would be great because it has really freaked me out! :o

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All of these things COULD be happening. A downside is that it moves you from a "favorite" position for exams, next to the pianist, so that s/he will pick up the tempo for petit allegro from YOU! :o

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This is true Major Mel. Is it possible that there was really no thought at all other than shorter at the front, taller to the back and I should just get on with dancing?

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I like that last independent clause; it's always the right attitude! :thumbsup::o

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