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I was wondering, does anyone know if any DVD's of dancers in class?


It's easy to find DVD's of actual ballets, but I really enjoy clips in documentaries showing the professionals in class - after all, classroom work is all I do so it's nice to see the pros and how it's meant to be. I'd be interested in a documentary that focusses on class rather than the building of new choreography, or just a plain video of class.


Any recommendations?

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You can try this link to Amazon:

Ballet Class DVDs

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Thanks for the link. I did look, but none of the results Amazon came up with were really what I'm looking for. I'm not so interested in 'ballet workouts' and training videos. I just want to see the dancers doing their classroom exercises! Am I the only one?


I did add 'Etoiles - Dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet' to my wish list though. :)

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I also love watching dancers in class. I have not found any dvd's of this but there is some stuff on youtube. I believe it was some dancers doing adagio at barre and center from the Kirov? That's if you can sift through all of the tapings of Mrs. Dolly Dinkles dance class...

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The film Ballet Russe has quite a fewsequences of classes. It had cinema release here last summer (Antipodean winter) and was released on DVD in the UK in the early winter. Try Amazon for that one.

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There is a documentary called The Dancer. It is about the Royal Swedish Ballet.

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We have a VHS tape called "A Window on the World of Classical Ballet" that was put out by Kultur. It features The Australian Ballet in a "behind the scenes" look at the company and the world of ballet. It has detailed footage of the company's daily ballet class, and seems like it might be what you're looking for. You can buy it from a secondary seller on Amazon: Window on the World of Classical Ballet


Toadette, I see you are in Australia, so this tape might not work for you, unless you have a multi-system VHS player. Perhaps you can do a search on Amazon in Australia to see if it's available.

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I saw Ballet Russes at the cinema. It was great!


Thanks Amy's Mom. We don't have an Australian Amazon but I could get it from the UK one. I think their videos work on our machines. I'll go check it out now. :wub:

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I'd like to recommend Netflix for dance movies! We have gotten (and not had to purchase) all kinds of obscure dance films like the ones mentioned above with this great internet/mail/rental system! It is so great. I'm sure its mentioned in other threads here but just go to www.netflix.com and you can pay a small monthly fee to have all kinds of dvds including obscure dance ones sent to your home! No late fees, just mail them back when you're done with them and they send you the next movie in your "queue." Perfect for those looking to see great dance films!

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I can't believe I never explored the possibilities of Youtube before! Watching ballet videos from the comfort of your desk at work - delightful!

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There is a David Howard video of his teaching class with Peter Fonseca as one of the featured students. It's worth the price of the video to watch Peter in class...

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I'd like to recommend Netflix for dance movies!


ummm, not everyone on this MB ;lives in the US, and certainly a lot of of the people on this thread don't! I've just checked, and Netflix has no presence outside of the US. However I'm sure there are equivalent film rental arrangements locally for all of us.

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Redbookish, there are similar DVD rental arrangements available in the UK. A friend of mine subscribed and it very fond of it. I can't remember the name, and I am not sure if it includes any dance movies, but it is a very conveniant way to rent movies.

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