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Seeking Suggestions: How to Warm up for Barre en Pointe?


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I'm considering trying the barre of a technique class en pointe this weekend. So far, I've only ever taken pointe classes after my regular technique class, and I'd like to get a better feel for doing basic, "regular" exercises in my pointe shoes. This class is a couple levels below my usual classes, and I expect to be en pointe very little in this class, but I still need to fully warm up my feet, legs, etc. before beginning. Does anyone have a good, full warm-up to suggest for this? Thanks!

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When I worked in an Adult ballet class on pointe, with the OK from my teacher (indeed, she encouraged a couple of us to re-start pointe work), we did a lot of rolling up through the foot, through demi to full pointe. We also did a lot of small tendus to second, facing the barre. All these were given before the full barre started.

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When I told my teacher I was thinking of doing some pointe practice at home, she told me to make sure I do some plies and tendus first, to warm up.

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For my body I really have to warm up in technique shoes, and this is probably a good idea for you too since this will be your first barre on pointe. I'd do any warmup you normally do before class and add in some plies (I only do demi plie to warm up, except in second position), tendus, pas de cheval, and degage - try to get your feet warm.


Then, put the torture boots on, and do some slow rises in first to re-aquaint your feet. That would be enough to get me ready for a pointe barre.

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