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How to make pointe shoes last longer


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My daughter's shoes wear out too quickly. They last about 3 weeks. Is this typical?


I searched on the forums for the "How-to" for jet glue or floor polish, bit could not find the exact info.

The shank and the box seem to wear out at the same time. She calls them "dead".Her current pair are Girshko xxx H, and the shank is broken right about 3 inches down from the top of the leather sole-there's a nail on that spot.

Her previous pair are the same , but a Medium shank, and that one broke about 4 and 1/2 inches down from the top.( right on the size numbers).

She is still growing-we think, so I'd rather have her fitted each time than buy several pairs at once on line .


Also, is the use of jelly toes and other pads vs lambs wool a big deal?


Her previous teacher permitted jelly toes and other pads. This teacher was what I would describe as "old world style"- very strict, critical, and unsympathetic to aches and pains .( She is a little Cuban fire ball in her 70's) .

Her new teacher, prefers lambs wool to allow students feet to toughen up so they can feel the floor . This teacher is much younger, much more sympathetic and understanding to aches and pains and explains how to correct these with proper alignment, and strengthening excercises.

Just curios...

Thanks for the feedback.

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Oh Dear! I just saw that I CAN post this question on the teen forum, pointe shoe discussion. Sorry about that. :innocent:

Please excuse my error.

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lynneatbeach, There are quite a few recurring threads over in the Pointe Shoe Forum that would address your various questions. If you wish to refine the search, just choose the 'pointe shoe forum' to help limit the forums searched.


I think you can find threads that address these questions over there. Any further questions you may have after reading those threads, I'd recommend posting on which ever one is most suitable. :shrug:

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Closing this topic, as it has also been posted on the Pointe Shoe Forum.

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