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See You at the Barre


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From the New York Times



As a reporter assigned to cover the dance world, I thought it would be a good idea to try out what I was watching onstage. But until that day my closest brush with the barre had been on a stool, and the only jetés I know play in the Meadowlands. I can barely waltz. Tights? I’ve worn them, but on a wrestling team three decades ago...


But ballet is in some ways the most challenging for the newcomer. It is physically demanding, deeply grounded in tradition, artistically rich and seemingly ill-suited to amateur involvement. For the nonprofessional musician it’s not hard to sing in a choir, perform in a community orchestra or play string quartets in a living room. Art classes abound, and anyone can paint or draw at home. YouTube has turned us all into filmmakers.


Amateur ballet dancing is not so easy...



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There is already a topic on this over on Cross Talk. Perhpas it would be best for us to discuss this article all in one place, so I'll close this one, and we can go discuss it over there. :shrug:

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