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Can you please evaluate this schedule?


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Thank-you, that's helpful. And reassuring- it seem like answer is always that we need to do more (in everything, not just dance) so it's nice to be told that it's ok to have some down time!

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Dear Ms. Leigh,


I was hoping you could do us the honor of evaluating dd's ballet schedule, she is recently 14 with the intent to be professional. I have absolutely no reservations about the current schedule, unless of course you do. She takes at least one optional tech class a week, there are likely to be rehearsals in the winter, but I have no idea how many extra hours etc.


What else could she be doing to prepare her for a successful career in dance? I see many dk's taking jazz, tap etc. and wonder if there is a need for her to do that as well.


Monday - technique 1.5 hours; Pre/var 1 hour: opt tech 1.5 hours

Tuesday - technique 1.5 hours; Pte/var 1.5 hours

Wednesday - technique 1.5 hours; Modern 1.5 hours; opt tech 1.5 hours

Thursday - technique 1.5 hours; Pte/var 1 hour

Friday - technique 1.5 hours; Pte/var 1.25 hours; opt tech 1.5 hours

Saturday - technique 3 hours; Pte/var 1 hour; partnering 1 hour


Warm regards,

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Victoria Leigh

It's a very good ballet schedule, firedragon, even without any of the optional classes. There is one modern clsss, which is good, but maybe a jazz or contemporary class would be good instead of one of the optional classes.

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Thank you Ms. Leigh!

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