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How to help choose a residence program for dd

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Here is a question. Do I have the right to ask these schools for lists of parents with dancers in their programs? This board is wonderful, but I need more time to sift through information. One school gave us a list of parents to contact. Another school is currently on spring break so no one is available to answer questions. Are there other locations or does Ballet Talk have other forums where I know I am speaking with a parent who has a dancer enrolled in the program? Thank you for your help. :P

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I think that would be a great question to ask a residency program. If a school isn't able to give you some contact names, that might tell you something right there.


We don't have any forums that you wouldn't have seen already - and in terms of the posters here on BT, I guess you are taking someone's word that they are in fact a parent of a student at XYZ school. This parent may not want to give full disclosure in a public forum though, so personal contact is always nice!


Good luck to you in your decision-making.



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2leftfeet, You should ask for the names of parents you can contact. But these schools cannot just release names and contact information without the express permission of the parents. So the school may just give you 3 or 4 names of parents who have agreed to talk with interested parties about their experience.


When we were looking last year for my son, each of the places we had narrowed it down to gave us names and contact info for parents of both male and female dancers. But there were not a lot of names on the list. I understand because we received a form giving permission for his residency to publish our name and contact info for interested parties and we always meant to send in the form but somehow never got around to it. So our name is not on the list although we wouldn't object to talking with someone. I guess what I am trying to say in this confusing post is that it is not necessarily a reflection of dissatisfaction if there are not a lot of contact names.

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Once you are allowed pm privileges, I would suggest pming the parents on this board from your list of schools. They may or may not return your messages but in my experience it is an excellent way of connecting with other parents.

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