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Movies: The Turning Point

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Well I got this movie for Christmas and I have watched it... oh I cannot even count how many times! I'm not too sure why I like it sooooo much, I just do! My favorite section is at the very end with Leslie doing that piece in the blue and flowy costume on stage; with her hair down! :thumbsup: Does anyone else adore this movie? :D

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Hey Leighton!

I enjoyed the turning point very much! I especially like the part when she had just be at a bar, then she attempts to perform on stage drunk. She's so off the music and choreography that it's hillarious! :D


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But let that be a lesson to all of you young'uns- that type of behavior would result in immediate firing of the dancer. It's not worth it to soak your sorrows in alcohol or any other form of feeling-numbing. :D

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Yes ballerine177, that is one of my favourite comedy moments, it brings a smile to my face just thinking about it!

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Ahh I wasn’t thinking of the drunken scene when I posted. That is also a favorite part! I think this is one of the best ballet movies created, well better than center stage in my opinion. :(

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It didn't hurt that the director was Herbert Ross, who choreographed ballets for ABT, and his wife was former ballerina Nora Kaye. At the time it opened, I was delighted to see a movie with so much ballet in it, but the company machinations were right out of Ballet Russe under the Denhams, with a little filler of Lucia Chase's ABT.

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And there is (and has been for almost 20 years) a husband/wife team in Oklahoma City who are the AD and asst. AD of Ballet Oklahoma who were a soloist and principal (respectively) at NYCB. :) However, they have two sons (neither are named Amelia :wub: ) and neither of them has pursued a career in ballet.

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