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Television: TLC — My Life as a Child

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This airs this week: TLC — My Life as a Child

Privilege and Prodigy



Three exceptionally talented children are pursuing their dreams, including an 8-year-old girl who is already a published author, a 10-year-old boy pursuing ballet, and a burgeoning opera singer who hopes to take her talents professional.


Wonderful show!


Hope I posted in the right place, please move if not.

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I love this show! I watch it every week with my mom. :( It was really cool seeing ballet tonight, especially getting an inside look at SAB. I also liked being able to see a bit of the performance at the end. :shrug:

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I missed the show earlier this evening, but apparently it repeats tonight at 2am. I'll be setting the VCR so we can watch it tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up!

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My family watched this show, and we all enjoyed it. The 8 year old girls' intellectual abilities are astonishing!


Brice - your daughter is a lovely dancer. She must have been so excited to be in Swan Lake on the big stage with professionals, and then to also be on T.V.! Wow! :wub:

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My DD was Drew's partner in Swan Lake, and appreared several times in tonights broadcast-so glad to hear the positive response to the show.


Oh brice, your DD is really lovely. She did a super job! :wub:

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I'm chiming in about the lovliness of Brice's daughter--yes, she was great!


DS and I really liked the program. DS loved seeing the boys class at SAB. He doesn't get boys classes at his studio, so it was neat for him to see that. He was also really excited that Drew received a scholarship to the Rock School.


I think DS is now more set on studying at SAB than he was before though, which isn't so great since we live on the opposite side of the country.


I also hope this show will be re-broadcast at some point.

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missed it! darn... maybe they'll do some re runs.


I just checked my TiVO programming guide and TLC won't be re-running this show any time prior to April 9 (as far out as the guide goes). But, I'm sure you'll be thrilled to hear that during that time you can watch "flip that house" about 75 times and "a baby story" at least 40.


My TiVO is set search out any ballet related programming, so if this show pops up again, I'll try to put the word out.

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Unfortunately I missed it...I was really excited to see it,but maybe I'll be able to catch a rerun sometime!

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cutiepi, maybe check the TLC website or email them to ask if it will air again. Most of the time, I find out about ballet-related television by reading the boards here. I have also found out by checking PBS schedules regularly, as it is a channel I like.

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