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Katrina, Katrina: Love Letters to New Orleans

Funny Face

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Amidst all the continuing post-Katrina challenges that make many of us down here exclaim at least once a week, "Calgon, take me away!" -- I was gratified to return to my alma mater last spring and see the concert presented by the Tulane students, in conjunction with the Pearson Widrig Dance Theater: "Katrina, Katrina: Love Letters to New Orleans." It's an amazing work, like others I've seen created by this couple. I was so happy to find on line Sara Pearson's journal while setting this piece. I urge you to check out some very worthwhile reading at:

New Orleans Journal


Here's an excerpt: For those of you who don’t know what on earth we’re doing here, a little background:We were supposed to have been in New Orleans in September, creating adance/video/performance project at Tulane, with a community cast of over 60 artists,students, kids, engineers, and assorted adults. It was to be the culmination of threeyears of residencies in New Orleans, during which time we fell, to put it mildly, in lovewith the city and the surrounding swamps. This project was to feed into an even biggerperformance in 07, which was to take place throughout the Center for BioenvironmentalResearch’s future RiverSphere site, a 77,000 square foot defunct casino on theMississippi river replete with a Disney-esque faux French Quarter. All of that (and 75%of our company’s work and funding for the next two years) was washed away withKatrina. As we sat stunned with grief in our East Village apartment throughout theensuing days and weeks, an old Minnesota friend, alarmed at the state we were in,ordered us to go back into the studio, lie down, breathe, and the next piece would come.And so it has – Katrina, Katrina: Love Letters to New Orleans.


Also, if you go to pearsonwidrig.org, you can see their performance schedule for 2007-2008, which includes additional presentations around the country of "Love Letters to New Orleans." Additionally, having seen the concert as a Tulane dance alumni and an evacuee/returnee, I would be very much interested in how people from other parts of the country react to this performance.


*ETA- I fixed the link

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Sounds intriguing, FunnyFace. Sadly, my computer won't allow me to view this - it goes berserk when I try to download or view. -sigh-

But, I will take your word for it.


How are things for you now?



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This is incredible! I hope this project is vastly successful and appreciated by all. It provides a window of what happened in New Orleans from an incredibly creative and insightful perspective. I hope to be able to see this performance some day.

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Just returned home last night after spending 5 days in NOLA at a conference. Tulane U. and Loyola U. both appeared to be ok, but I am aware enrollment is down. Anybody know if Loyola Ballet is back yet?


Have fallen in love with the place and plan to go back ASAP. Did all the tourist-y things and had a great time. Big hugs to all the folks in NOLA and the entire Gulf Coast. :green:

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Wish you could come for Jazz Fest coming up soon!


Loyola Ballet has been back and, in my opinion, is vastly improved in quality of performance due in large part to the talents of one of my dearest friends, the stunning Sarah Grundmeyer Abrusley. who, in the concert of November 2006, danced the lead in both Sylphide and Bolero, the latter choreographed by John Rodi, longtime director of Komenka, with which I danced 1992-1996.

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