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Ballets: Konservatoriet

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Has anyone seen the ballet Konservatoriet? I looked it up in Balanchine's Complete Stories of the Great Ballets. Can anyone describe it to me the company i dance with is dancing this piece . Also, does any one know where to see this online or on video?

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I think it was a Bournonville ballet:

Tobias archives

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Only bits and pieces of Konservatoriet have been recorded on film or tape or disc. No videos are available which show this ballet. Usually, only the classroom scene is presented, which is fun. How many ballets can you think of which open with most of the company doing a grand plié in third position? It's also hard to find the music, unless you've got connections in Denmark, and then it's only piano scores.

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It became easier for them to do after Vera Volkova got to Copenhagen and introduced them to grand pliés in the center in fifth!

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We are doing the class room scene. I'm quite excited and I'm working hard to get into this particular ballet. Thank you for the comments

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Oh man that ballet is hard for the non-Bournonville trained dancer! I understudied a corps part in it a few years ago, and it's difficult stylistically, particularly with the bournonville quirks like turning on half-pointe in pointe shoes, etc. Good luck!

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This season in my pre-professional company we are performing Konservatoriet, a Bournonville ballet. Can anyone give me a synopsis?

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as you'll likely hear in a variety of ways, KONSERVATORIET, was once a longer ballet in denmark, sometimes known in english as DANCING SCHOOL, OR A [MARRIAGE] PROPOSAL BY ADVERTISING. i suspect all your group will be showing is the 'classroom/dancing school' scene that has lasted over the years as a self-contained ballet called KONSERVATORIET. it has become famous for its presentation of what ballet classes were like in turn-of-the-19th-century paris where the ballet's choreographer, the dane, August Bournonville studied with the great french dancer-turned-teacher, Auguste Vestris.

here is how the new york public library for the performing arts lists the ballet:

Conservatoriet : Subtitle: Et Avisfrieri. Chor & lib: August Bournonville; mus: Holger Paulli. First perf: Denmark: Copenhagen, Royal Opera House, May 6, 1849; Royal Danish Ballet.//First American perf: New York, Metropolitan Opera House, Sept 29, 1956, Royal Danish Ballet.

if you do a google search specifically for 'images' of 'konservatoriet' you'll probably find some still photos of the now-classic danish ballet.

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Funny - works fine for me.


Type www.bournonville.com into your own browser, and click "The Ballets". Click "Le Conservatoire", which is French for "Konservatoriet" (Danish).

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