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Books: On becoming a ballerina?

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The only problem with "shopping" at alibris is that I always find even more books...

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The only problem with "shopping" at alibris is that I always find even more books...


Indeed - I just wish I could confirm it was this book. I remember just being fascinated with the photos in it. There was one of a lady dying a pair of pointe shoes green that just dazzled me! How funny!

Lots of "behind the scenes" photos!

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If youre still interested: I reccommend I, Maya Plistetskaya she is soooo amazing

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Speaking of alibris, I found a copy of Balanchine's New Complete Stories of the Great Ballets by George Balanchine from 1954. It gives a summary and Balanchine's additional commentary on almost every ballet you can think of that was choreographed before 1954. There's also a part two in the back where Balanchine writes on How to Enjoy the Ballet, A History of the Ballet, A Chronology of Significant Ballet Events, His Own Dance History, Ballet Training, Careers, and a glossary which is basic and yet really neat. It is a great book for every dancer and anyone who enjoys seeing the Ballet. Again you can find it on alibris for everywhere from $5-$25 depending on the condition of your copy.

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:thumbsup: I really reccomend The Ballet Companion; it has lots of info and great illustrations! I enjoy this book and it is my favorite! :blink:
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And, just to add a plug for BT4D, when you go searching for books online, please start with the Amazon link at the top of this website. This helps BT4D if you order through that link. I realize not ever book in the world is available at Amazon, but if you start there it helps.

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If you use the Amazon link and then buy the book "used or new" from an Amazon seller, does that help Ballet Talk? Or do you have to buy the book new from Amazon itself?


I buy a lot of books--especially out-of-print ones--from the Amazon sellers. Sometimes the starting price is under a dollar.

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I really don't know the answer to your question - we need a moderator to answer that one! But I do know that I start a search for just about anything I need to buy online through that Amazon link.



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It is my understanding that as long as you got there from here, anything you buy from Amazon gives BT a percentage.


This is from one of Alexandra's posts:


"And please remember that if you are going to buy books through Amazon to click on the link that's conveniently located at the top of every page of this site. We get a 5% commission if you buy from Amazon, and half that if you buy from Amazon affiliates. You have to enter the site through our banner at the beginning of each shopping session for us to get credit for it."

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