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SFB School Anyone Trying Out?

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SFB ( San Fransisco Ballet )School try outs are in June. I'm already taking private lessons with a prima in order to be prepared for the auditions.


I received this email when I requested information:

Insert your name here,


Thank you for your interest in San Francisco Ballet School. Auditions

for the 2007-2008 school year will be held in early June. An

announcement will be sent in April. I can certainly add you to that list

to receive the information, if you like.


I'm very excited to audition. My family just recently moved to CA. Before we moved, I was dancing at The Ballet Met in ohio, can can imagine how mad I was when I had to leave that! So now with my parens permission, I'm now trying out for the SFB, and I was wondering anyone else?

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Will you be attending the SFBS summer course? Many dancers decide to stay for the year after being asked, or asking, during the summer course. My DD attended SFBS full time and was very happy with the training. I think you will be pleased if you do have the opportunity to attend full time.

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My son was recently offered level 6.  He is 13 going on 14.   Deciding that between Berkeley Ballet Theater and SFBS. 

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Younger dancers can audition for school year only. Intermediate/advanced levels require the summer course for admission. 

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Did anyone audition for the sfb year around program this month? It’s their first time doing a year around early acceptance audition. They said students would be notified in late February or early March if they’ve been accepted to sfb year around program.  However, in the email they latter sent out it mentioned that students accepted into the program are required to attend their si. Here’s my problem. Without knowing if she got in or not until feb or March how do we turn away other si intensive offers? My daughter got an amazing offer at another si program and I need to let them know by tomorrow! Anyone else in this same situation? I emailed sfb but they have not replied.

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You have to make your decision then. You can always have her write a thank-you note explaining that she had a deadline, and had to accept without knowing if she had been accepted to SFB, which was her first choice.

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