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White ballet shoes


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Is there anything against girls wearing white ballet shoes for practice class? I know that pink is the traditional colour but there's a sale on white shoes in my size and just for class i wouldnt mind getting a pair.

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Nowhere is there any law against it, but traditionally, white shoes are reserved to men in most ballet custom. Check with your school to get their opinion.

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Thanks MM thats what i thought. I spose i could always paint them, although they're canvas. does that require dying, or can you just paint over them?

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The same kinds of shoe dyes used for bridesmaids' shoes are perfect for all sorts of ballet shoes.

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Last year I dyed some pink canvas shoes black, because I didn't like it that even after one class they looked dirty! :blushing:

I just used the dye for clothes that you can buy at every drugstore.


After a few rounds in the washing machine they ended up more grey than black though. But I know not everyone is so obsessive about washing everything all the time. And in your case: the difference between pink and slightly lighter pink isn't so bad as black vs grey.


But yeah, I'm sure Mel Johnson's advice is best. I didn't even know there was special dye for shoes! :)

But if you are considering the white ones just because they are on sale I guess it kind of depends on how expensive the dye is in comparison to the difference between the white and pink flats... (which I think is less of an issue when you need the dye for the bridesmaids on your wedding :D)

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I think white ballet slippers are gorgeous! I know two girls who wear them, and thier feet look so much better. Granted, these are professionals with feet that are already pretty good, plus they both have a sense of style in practice clothes. I was thinking of buying a pair, but didn't want to look like I was copying:)


Totally pretty and classical, IMHO.


Dirty ones are yuck, tho.

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I have worn white slippers most of my dancing life and just recently switched to pink ones. They look fine on women IMHO and give a great line if you wear white or light pink tights- if your school allows them, why not wear them?

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Guest ingve

We always bought white shoes, and then coloured them with make up. (pancake, water make up just no make up with fat) Like this you can get the shoes fitting your skin colur. This of course do not correspond very well with pink thights!


Check with your school, but generally I would do the training in the slippers I am comfortable in.


Take care.



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