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Bunheads brand water bottle


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Does anyone know where I can purchase a Bunheads water bottle? I did a google search and can't seem to find it anywhere. I just started ballet again as an adult and thought this bottle was so cute!

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harls - if you come across one, don't run it through the dishwasher :(


We had the misfortune of discovering that it was not like a Nalgene bottle and the shape was distorted by the heat.

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You could probably find one in an actual store. They did not sell well so many may have a couple still sitting there in case they have taken them off the market. But it was not a promotional item, it was in the line and is still listed on the price sheet. They have a cute coffee cup as well. I agree, it is not like a Nalgene bottle. It is thin sort of flexible plastic, although it is cute having the bunhead logo on it.

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