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DVD/Videos: David Howard

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I want to get a cd of music for class so I can practice at home (just barre though!) and there are loads of David Howard ones, well what does he do on them? Is there a list of his exercises or did he just tell the pianist what to play? I don't know whether his are good or if I should just get any old cd.

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As with most ballet class cds, this recording follows the course of a normal class. The general contents tell you which exercise goes with which music, but I don't think that they have the teacher write out specific combinations for each piece of music, as they used to in the 50s and 60s.

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Hmm so really David Howard doesn't have much to do with them then? It's a shame they stopped writing out the exercises, it would be cool to have new ideas, especially from a famous teacher!

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The big problem was that all the different teachers tended to use different vocabularies for different steps. Vaganova teachers would call something one thing, and the Cecchettis would call it another, and so forth.

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Right, that's part of what the "coupé fouetté raccourci" post on the RAD free exercise thread was about. Not everybody calls it that.

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I haven't seen that topic. I suppose the more teachers you take class from, the more different names you learn for all the steps. Grand jete en tournant seems to have loads of different names too!

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I don't know if these are still available, but there are some David Howard classes on videotape. (Maybe they're now on DVD, but maybe not because the ones I have, at least, are pretty old -- the intermediate level has some former ABT dancers taking the class, including Cynthia Harvey and the late Peter Fonseca). They're kind of fun to do at home, although as I recall the beginners level has an annoying quirk -- it only shows the barre exercises on one side, so you have to rewind to do the left! :)

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to train at home or with your friends when you have time to do so, is something that will be possibel in the future. I am trying to create that future.


Each exercise have as many names as there is teachers and languages. But on a video you can really see how the exercises are to be executed.


We have been working for years now to make ballet accessible for dancers and dance students.


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