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Thank you for telling us that, dduffin. I was wondering why there was a site on myspace.

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Oopsie, apparently one has to be VERY careful when dealing with myspace.

That site does not seem to be all clean.


Thanks for removing the link!

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Just a quick update...DD and I did visit the school. It is a lovely space. Barbara was wonderful.


Even though I had told DD that she was only attending class she still got a deer in the headlights look when she walked into the studio. Barbara took her hand and walked her through the studio showing her everything and introducing her to everybody. By the end of the lesson DD was happy as could be.


DD will be attending the summer program. She took the last slot in the L1/L2 class. At this time there are still a few slots available in the two Level 5 classes. The program starts on June 25th and runs 5 weeks. We'll make a decision about the fall by end of July.


Thanks to all for your help.

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Glad to hear it, guess we will be seeing each other alot over the summer then. I'm glad your DD liked it and I'm sure you'll find the training is wonderful by Barbara and the guest teachers.

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dduffin, would you possibly do me a favor and ask Barbara to check her email? I wrote to her, at the info address for the school, on April 8, but have had no response. I resent the email today. Thank you!

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They span in age from a pre-ballet class (3 years old) all the way up to 21 or so. There are even a few adult students. If you have any other questions, let me know. My DD currently dances with Ms. Sandonato.

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hi everyone. i'm new to ballet talk and a new student at barbara sandonato school of ballet. this is a really amazing school. i have improved so much and i've only been there for a couple of months!!! barbara is a fantastic teacher, she cares about EVERY student and has no favorites, a constant problem at other schools. she helps everyone with all their problems. also the class sizes are small, so everyone gets individual attention. the other teachers there are very good also, most of them danced/dance in the pa ballet. she also has a day program for people who are being homeschooled. if you are considering this school, i would strongly suggest taking a look at it. B)

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I wanted to add a new post for Barbara Sandonato's school. We have been there several years now and my daughter has had amazing progress! The classes are small, the work ethic is amazing, and the instruction is insightful. Barbara is running a summer program this year and my daughter has turned down several nice opportunities to stay with the school--she thinks that they offer more than the rest.

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Is this school still operational in the Philly area?  There is no information on-line.

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No, it has been closed for a few years now.

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Does any one know whether Ms. Sandonato is still guest teaching? My DD was fortunate enough to have her (and her daughter Gabriella Yudenich) guest teach a few years back and she really enjoyed the classes.

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