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Hypermobile kneejoints- big problems!


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I am 17 and in a pre professional program. Teachers tell me I am a promising dancer with alot of potential- however I wonder if I will make it as a pro on the long run due to my physical problems.

Had an achilles tendon rupture 1 1/2 years ago which after surgery and PT finally healed- then I was diagnosed with a chronic patellar tendinitis due to hypermobile knee joints (odd as I am not naturally flexi otherwise!) with which I can dance but have constant moderate pain. I have PT for that and painkillers and know many professional dancers who danced with tendinitis all their career.


My question now is: Is it wise for me to continue my dance education (I am going to graduate and be a comnpany ready professional dancer in 1 1/2 years!) and pursue a career in classical ballet if I am already permanently and frequently injured at my young age?

I mean injuries happen to every dancer sooner or later but will I have a career of decent and normal length if I am always injured at my age already?


Some opinions please!


Ballet is my life and I want to become a pro dancer so badly but I do not want to be unemployed and in a wheelchair when I am 25 either!



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Frodo, that is just not a question anyone else can answer for you. We have no way of knowing what the future will bring in terms of injury any more than we can know what your potential is for making a career in dance. But this kind of decision is not ours to make, or even offer advice. It is too personal, and too difficult. Sorry.

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