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uneven hips


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one of my hips sticks out a bit more than the other, even when i stand symetrical, although i didnt realize it since last wee, when i tried to do the frog stretch. when i lay on the floor, i have more weight on one side because my uneven hips tilt me.


its sort of annoying and a bit uncomftorable, plus one of my legs is always farther down to the floor,at least by a bit :yes: . so what are some other good stretches that work the muscles the frog works, with out actually doing the frog.


or is there something i can do to lay even on the frog?


thank you!

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Rachie, I moved this to YD, as it is really not a question for the medical professionals.


The frog is not the world's greatest turn out stretch anyway, so I would not worry about that. The butterfly is just as good, if you do it correctly. (DON'T hold the toes and pull them into a sickle position, though! :yes:)


The best thing for rotation is working slowly and carefull on your rond de jambes, as well as all the other barre work. It is all designed to improve your rotation if you work it right.

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hi :yes:

can i just ask you, victoria leigh, out of curiosity/same problem(?)...


what's the butterfly thing you mention?

and is the frog the position on your tummy, legs bend in first position?


:o !



ly, becky x

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Yes, the frog is the one on the tummy, which I don't like at all. It's hard on the knees, and most people sickle their feet dreadfully. :yes:


The butterfly is the one where you just sit up straight and open the knees towards the floor. The soles of the feet are together. To make the stretch work even better, point the feet, hands on the floor to support you and help give you leverage to push the knees towards the floor. Don't sickle the feet!!!

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ahh, i agree about the frog!


yeah i thought that's what the butterfly was, thanks!

i've got a bit of a sickle (which i'm currently and proudly teaching myself out of) but i guess i have a tendance to pull my feet in order to get my knees pushing down. i can't seem to push my knees without using my hands, my thigh/bum muscles are quite big and tend to...'get in the way'.


is there anyway i can solve this without worsening my sickle? do i just keep pushing against my leg msucles?



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Don't hold your feet. Push with your hands if you need to, but fix the feet so that they are not sickle. :yes:

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