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Ballets: Le Pavillon d'Armide

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Does anybody know anything about the ballet, La Pavillon d'Armide? I would like to know the story or where I can learn about it. Are there any video recordings of this ballet?


I am doing the variation in Paquita that is from La Pavillon d'Armide and want to know where this variation is coming from.


Thank you for all your help!


Mouse Queen :clapping:

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more or less your PAQUITA variation is all that now 'survives' of Fokine's ballet [see credits below] which began life as THE ANIMATE GOBELIN before being shaped into PAVILLON D'ARMIDE

the only video of the solo sometime shown in the GRAND PAS CLASSIQUE from PAQUITA, besides various stagings of PAQUITA, is in anne belle's film about alexandra danilova REFLECTIONS OF A DANCER (danilova staged what she remembered of the ballet's famous pas de trois, and the docu. shows SAB student cindy drummer dancing the solo sometimes also shown in PAQUITA.



Ozhivlennyi gobelen : Chor: Mikhail Fokin; mus: Nikolai Cherepnin; lib: Alexandre Benois after the novel by Gautier; scen & cos: various designers. First perf: St. Petersburg, Maryinsky Theater, Apr 15, 1907 (O.S.), students of the Theater School. Later became the second act of Le pavillon d'Armide


Pavillon d'Armide : Chor: Mikhail Fokin; mus: Nikolai Cherepnin; lib: Alexandre Benois after T. Gautier; scen & cos: Alexandre Benois. First perf: St. Petersburg, Maryinsky Theatre, Nov 25, 1907


you can find the scenario in the following book:

Beaumont. Complete book of ballets [1956] p 681


books about Fokine and Diaghilev will also include passages about this 1907 work.

also you'll find information in books about Nijinsky, Karsavina and Pavlova, each of whom danced in the pas de trois.

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Thank you very much for the info on the ballet! I found the Complete Book of Ballets online, and hope to be able to purchase it. It looks like a great book!



Thanks again,


Mouse Queen :shrug:

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