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Movies: Center stage

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I have the movie and of course, love watching Ethan myself!! :shrug: (listen to me, dropping his first name as if..... :blushing: )


I'm also sure we have several threads on it already, but it's too late at the moment for me- off to bed! I shall search for them demain!

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I enjoyed center stage. Especially the special features that show segments of ballet pieces, which were very good.

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When this movie was made, the director made great choices in casting and used talented dancers to portray someone who may or may not be like them at all, but still the characters were very believable. This movie oozes with talent!!!

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its amazing how they casted the male roles. they had to find great looking, (im not saying male ballet dancers arent good looking) great dancers, who could act!

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This movie (along with turning pointe) is my favorite. The plot is wonderful and realistic in terms of dealing with problems dancers encounter, and the dancing is absolutly un believable!!

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i was browsing in you tube (dont worry, no links here! just referance) and i found center stage! the whole movie, just split into 12 parts! SO HAPPY!!!! now i can watch it whenever i want to!

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I think there were great dancing in it, but IMHO the acting could be better....


Either that or the script - specifically the dialogue written/spoken could be better. Some lines were just plain cheese.......



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Chinafish, as for the cheesy lines- I completely agree, but one should bear in mind that their intended audience was probably on the younger (read: under 18) side of things.


Even so, I didn't discover the movie until I started ballet at 21, and I soon realized that much of the little dramas that seemed like eye-roll worthy material do actually happen. That scene where Jodie is in the office getting put down by Jonathan because she isn't at the same technical level as the others mirrored one of my early personal experiences. Actually, if it hadn't been for the fact that Jodie triumphed in the end, I doubt I would have continued! That and the dancing was so incredible it made me shriek "I wanna be able to do that!!!!!!!!!!!" LOL


Anyways, I digress. All that to say- I still watch Center Stage whenever I get the chance! :innocent:

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Oh yes definitely, I watch it whenever I can!


I usually only watch the end bit - doing ballet to Michael Jackson - I wish I could do that in class!

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I love the movie and am doing my showcase performance to the music that's over the credits. Just thought I'd let you know! I'm excited!

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It's probably my favorite dance movie...The Company had more sophisticated choreography, but it was so dull!

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I enjoyed the dancing in the movie. However, the thing that really stood out to me was the combination of jazz and ballet in the piece that Jodi was in. It was really impressive and entertaining. :lol:

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