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Movies: Center stage

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I have this movie on DVD! It is a great one I think, really inspiring. I watch it so many times!

I think it is so sad most DVDs on great ballets (including the turning point) I have only found on the internet for sale for Region 1 only... Since I live in Holland our DVD players cannot show them.

Anyone have some tips about movies that are for sale for other regions as well?


For me my favorite part is the jazzclass Jodie goes to. And the final dance of course!

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Yes Rock, you're correct in the problem with getting any ballet movies on DVD - it is most difficult. The "Turning Point" was put onto DVD back in 2004, and fortunately for me, I purchased a copy. It is now going for around $80 (yikes) on E-bay, when you can find it. The best way I know of to get old ballet movies is on VHS, then copy it to DVD. As for the different formats, I guess you might try e-bay, half.com, Amazon and if you have a library - you might find them there?

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If you are in the US and have NetFlix, I believe that both Center Stage and The Turning Point are available on "instant watch" (streamed to your computer or other networked player, like an Xbox) or on DVD.

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Well Kylara,

That is the point, I (and dancepig as well) are not located in the US :) Otherwise we would be able to play region 1 DVDs in our player.


It was a good suggestion to get the movies on VHS, those should be cheap second hand available! Thanks for the tip!

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It seems to me that there were other people participating in the discussion, remarking on their memories of these movies, and most likely quite a few non-posting readers who may be looking for these movies after reading (I know I've found a bunch of good movie suggestions in other threads here), so I added the info on instant NetFlix availability for those who can use it (hence the location qualifier). If I were replying directly to you, I would have indicated that with a quote or direct address.

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Rock, you can get different international films on e-bay and, I believe, Amazon. I don't think "Turning Point" is available on Netflix, but it might be available on Blockbuster.com. But, I think "White Nights" might be and that is another really good ballet film.

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I've seen center stage 3 times and the sequel "turn it up" twice. I have to say: I love that movie and completely identify with Jodie-especially the practicing everywhere!

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The actress who played Jodie was in Hawaii five o recently.

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