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Being asked to leave the community

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Frankly, I'm shocked that my expressing my opinion has caused such anger among the administrators/moderators whom I respected so much.


I'm especially shocked that what I felt was a valid concern was called "ridiculous" and also that menstruation is here considered "controversial and upsetting." I can't believe I am being told I am not "reasonable," when my comment was absolutely reasonable, rational, logical, and valid.


I certainly want to respect the moderators' rights to make decisions, and I did not ask for the decision to be reversed, but I certainly think it's fair to point out that this is a major part of a dancer's life, and that it seemed a decision that reinforces shame in women's health issues to censor discussion on that topic (and yes, I looked up censorship in the dictionary, and it means "to suppress; to keep from being published or transmitted" which is what is exactly happening here.)


In fact, I'm pretty sure that this message will be deleted by the moderators, as I understand now that only certain things can be said here (not from the menstrual cup discussion, but from the response to my post.) Dissension is certainly not tolerated, is it? I guess it's not okay to agree to disagree.


I do not feel that I deserved the angry and attacking responses from the moderators, but I see that I am being asked to shut up and leave, as I seem to have made several people very angry, just for expressing my thoughts. I looked in my "Profile" and cannot see a way to leave myself, so please, go ahead and follow your own suggestion and delete me.

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Dear Pirou,


I'm so sorry that you are taking this so personally. There was NO request for ANYONE to leave, unless it is felt that our policy cannot be tolerated and you wish to take that discussion someplace else. No one is being asked to leave our board. It was the thread itself that went too far, both of the threads, actually, and several posts, not just one person at all.


Here is a statement made some time ago by Major Mel, on the Men's forum, about dance belts. Yes, there is a a big difference in the topics, however, what was said about that one applies here. We are a moderated forum, not an open forum, and we have the right to determine what will be discussed here and what will not. Following this quote there, here are links, supplied by Redbookish, to other threads on the topic of menstruation. It is not something we have banned.


"When we started this forum, one of the things we knew we were going to have to address was the dance belt. Now, if you're a first time shopper, or are looking for consumer reports on the holding power and support of a given brand here, that's fine. But on the whole we do not discuss underwear, and even more rarely, what gets PUT into the underwear."







I hope that this will help. You are not being asked to leave the board, nor is anyone else. Your post above was made invisible for a while, until I could get here to respond.

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