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ADC in August and other help


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i just sent in my application for the 3rd session of this year's ADC. although i am glad to be able to send it, it was definitely painful when i had to pay for the bank draft :thumbsup: . has anyone already confirmed their attendance for the camp?


being from the other side of the world and travelling to the States for the first time by myself, i'm a little apprehensive about the practical aspects of the trip, like the best way to get from the airport to the hotel and domestic flight plans. would a kind soul offer me some advice?


i'm also planning to stay a week in New York after the camp, so i would appreciate if anyone could advise me practical tips on visiting New York (besides the important details on dance shops/studios! :() thanks!

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I haven't sent in my form yet, but i am planning to attend the first August session. Last year, I just took a taxi from the airport to the hotel, and I think it was about $20. As for domestic flights, I tend to look at travelocity's website, but sometimes American has it cheaper on their own website. The only problem I have experienced is that most of the time, they won't let you book a domestic air ticket with a credit card that has an overseas address (this is VERY annoying). Once you get to the hotel, it is all pretty easy to deal with.


You will have a great time!

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Once you get used to it, I've found that travelling in the States is quite easy. The Net is your friend - check for an airport transport bus to the hotel. Use the airport website to be directed to transport links. You can phone ahead, or just make a beeline for the ground transport information desk.


And then New York!! Wonderful city, and there's been lots of sharing of information in the Adult Students fora. You might try a search of Cross Talk as well. Here are some threads from the Adult Students fora.


Torontonian Planning New York visit


Tips for shopping in New York


Good Teacher in New York


Explanation of class levels


Looking for info -- classes in NYC


Lampwick has extensive knowledge of classes in NYC, as do Ashat, Garyecht, Citibob, and I think Shulie has visited & taken clas, so she can tell you what it's like as a short-term visitor. I've done that too, and taken class at Steps and Peridance (I preferred Steps!).


But aaah, New York! have a great trip.

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thanks for all the links, Redbookish! i'm just waiting for Heidi to confirm my place, after which i will probably go mad trying to arrange for my flight and accomodation. i can't wait ^^

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