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Deeper Plies


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Is there a way so that you can go lower while doing a plie? Do you do the frog strech or........? I really need to have better plies!!!!


Thanks for helping me!

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Hello, Elitera, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :sweating:


After you are WELL WARMED UP, like in the break between barre and center, go to the barre and face it, taking a sort of double-wide second position, resting both hands on the barre. Do a demi-plié, taking great care that the knees travel in the same line that the toes are pointing on the floor. No rolling allowed. Come up, then do, in the same extra-w i d e second, a grand plié. Repeat a few times. Four should be plenty.


Don't do the frog stretch! Unless you already have 180° rotation, and the feet rest on the floor, you will be putting lateral stress on the knee joint, and that's never a good thing!

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I had this problem, with a really small plie. It helps me to think about relaxing the tendons and muscles on the front of my ankles and the top of my foot when i plie.

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Yes, that's called "releasing". You can't get a really good demi-plié in any position if you don't do that.

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