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A technique question. Just wondering if a releve on one foot onto pointe should be much harder than a releve onto two feet en pointe as it doesn't seem to be so when I am on demi-pointe. I'm really struggling at the moment with releves on one foot and passes at the bar but the dance I'm hoping to perform in, in the summer, has these steps in, in the centre. I've been moved up into the most advanced class at my local studio so I'm reluctant to waste class time on this issue if it is just one of practise as the other dancers don't have a problem. However, I'm worried it may be a flaw in my technique.


Thanks for any help.

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Yes, one foot relevés are considerably harder than on two feet. It's a matter of strength, and takes a LOT of practice. You should, however, be doing a lot of them in your pointe classes. That is how the strength is built.

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Thanks very much Ms Leigh this is a relief. We have been doing them a lot in class and I seem to be getting worse! I was worrying maybe I was just not built for this but if a lot of practise is what is needed I will just work doubley hard.


Thank you again.

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