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Have any of you ever tried out for a school you know you couldn't go to at least that season (for whatever reason) but you auditioned to "scoop" out the competetion?

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J-Lynn, I go to auditions all the time and I know that I won't be able to go to their program. It's good experience though, just in case you want to go there next time! :thumbsup:

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I did that this whole SI season, but before you do that it is good to make sure that you are not obligated to go if you audition and are accpetied (usually not for an SI, but many times for roles in ballets) and that it wont hurt you next year if you go to the audition certain that you wont accept if you were accpeted. Usually that isnt the case either. B)




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Thats what I did for my audition for the Royal Ballet School! :D I wasn't going to go, but when I went there for the audtion, I loved it! :P From little_dancer123 x

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I have done that many times.It is a good experiance since you can see where you stand compared to others your age. Sometimes you even make something you didn't expect to, and thats a great suprise :)

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I like going to auditions (even if I'm not going to go to the SI) because you can get a glimpse of the teacher's style. So in the future when you do want to go to the SI, you know what to expect from the audition. Like dance4life said, it's interesting to compare your technique to other dancers. You can also learn a lot by watching. :)

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I love doing that! It's always good when you can get corrections from a new teacher, and when you see how your technique is compared with others your age. For SI audition season, I'll usually go to one or two auditions "just because" before upcoming auditions that I really care about. :)

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It's good to go to auditions, even though you know you wouldn't make it, so if you wanted to try out again next year for that same program you would be more prepared for the audition.

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I go to as many auditions as I can so that when there is an audition that really matters to me I know that I can just relax because I will be used to the environment. Also, auditions are good to check out the competition to!

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going to auditions is good. even if your not going you will get your face in the auditioners head so if you audition next year they might remember you.

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