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Is pointe for me??


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I have no intentions to dance professionally but I have been taking pointe for just over 3 1/2 years. Recently I have been given reason to suspect that the instruction given at my studio is not what is should be. I'm not talking dolly dinkle here, but its beginning to verge on it. :thumbsup::green:


My question is, how is one to know if they are one of the unlucky people who's body/feet were not designed to study pointe? After 3 years I still cannot get fully over the box so the platform is flat on the floor and I want to know if this is due to poor training or just my body's physical inability to do so? I realize this is a very difficult thing to determine without seeing my feet at work in person, but perhaps someone can give me some general info and guidelines and tell me how to go about finding out for sure.


I have never had a teacher comment anything to this effect, but like I said I'm beginning to doubt the knowledge of the studio in this area.


Any info at all is appreciated, thanks!

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Pureafterglow, I moved your topic because it's really a lot more about technique than about the shoes and what shoes are best for you.


It does sound like it's possible that you might not have the facility, however, it's also possible that you simply do not have adequate training. Have you read the Sticky topic entitled Facts of Life About Pointe Work? It's a Sticky in the Pointe Shoe Forum, and also the YD forums. :thumbsup:

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It could also be that you dont have the right shoes, as i had a similar problem for the first couple of years of pointe, and i thought it was just me who couldnt get over on the shoes, but then i found a better shoe and the problem of not getting over on the box nearly never happens. (only when they are brand new)

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I've been on pointe for 3.5 years and I have finally gotten over the pointes this year. I wear the Bloch Serenade. As a person with totally flat feet and not so very flexible ankles, I have a few tips:


1) Theraband exercises: I do these atleast 4 times a week. Each foot I do several "through the foot" reps and then some reps with "just the toes". Afterwards I manually bend each foot (careful to not sickle) for 20 seconds. (Along with STRENGTHENING the feet you also have to work on FLEXIBILITY).

2) In pointe shoes stand in 6th (parallel) position and cross the right foot over the left (having the right toe box next to the outside heal of the left foot) bend both knees- pressing the left knee/shin into the back calf of the right leg (like the "I gotta go pee" position :wink: "), really force pressure over the box of the right foot concentrating on the first and second toe portion of the box. Hold for 15-30 seconds and repeat on the other foot.

3) In pointe shoes stand in first position, tendu one foot a la seconde, bend the knee of the tendu leg and force into the arch of this foot, bending the shoe and your foot OVER the box. Again making sure most of the pressure is on the first and second toe portion of the box so there's no sickling.


It's taken me about a year of diligently doing this in addition to pointe at the ballet school. In my case (and many adults) strength came before flexibility but you must work at both.

Hope I've helped :)

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