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DVD/Videos: Russian style

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Are there any instructional DVD's/VHS's out there that specifically use Russian style ballet?

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I don't know of any movies, but some ballet dictionaries have basic russian port de bras, etc.

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I believe I answered this question previously for you, no? :shrug::thumbsup: There are currently no instructional videos/dvds on the market however you can find Vaganova examination videos/dvds in the Japanese format that are interesting. :D

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Guest ingve

there is some guy who has published Vaganova classes But I do not remember his name, I sugest you look in Amazon, I think I have seen it there.




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And remember, you've just asked for "Russian" training. That's a big country and a lot of history. I don't know of any Legat videos, but that's the school that came right after Petipa/Johannson/Ivanov. The Diaghilev Ballets Russes used Cecchetti as company teacher! Nijinska was a leading light in Europe in the post-Revolutionary era, together with Balanchine and Kschessinska, with Preobrajenska also teaching (the Paris Opera's Yvette Chauviré was her student). Vaganova is as stated above. So when you say "Russian", you have to be specific. Which Russian?

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Apologies for the confusion I caused. I will have to ask my teacher which Russian style she is teaching me. I just started my private ballet lessons.


All I want are some visual aids ie DVD, VHS to help me remember what I learned from school. If no such thing, then I am also looking into illustrated books although this doesn't quite help as much as watching someone else demonstrate the step (Russian style).

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Joanna, thanks. I did just get in the mail this past week the book you're referring to. "Basic Principles of Classical Ballet". I think the exercises' descriptions should help me with correct technique when I am practicing by myself.

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I think the 'guy' Ignve refers to is Dmitri Roudnev. He has a few videos (DVD's too) that can be found on Amazon. However, there are not explicit instructions on these videos. In fact, it is assumed that the viewer have experience (Intermediate/Advanced) because each combination is given one side and only once. It's great because it is a DVD and you can watch it over if you need to (or not have much to fast foward through if you don't). One example title is "Take Ballet Class in Russia".

Good Luck :shrug:


...Also there is a great studio in So. Cal. called the San Diego Academy of Ballet. The director is Russian, Maxim Tchernychev, and he ad his wife both give fabulous (if intense) classes. Very 'Russian'!

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Bravo, thanks for the tip. I've also been looking into Orange County, but the one school that I called, the instructor (very Russian-sounding lady) does not give private lessons to students who are not currently enrolled in her studio. :shrug:


I've been web-surfing, and came upon these books which I eventually purchased from Amazon: "100 Lessons in Classical Ballet: The Eight-Year Program of Leningrad's Vaganova Choreographic School", "The Art of Teaching Ballet: Ten Twentieth-Century Masters". And I also now have the book written by Aggripina Vaganova herself.


I hope that the lessons and exercises in these books will enrich and supplement those I learn in my technique classes.

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