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Molly Katherine

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Molly, I've just been Googling around in the maps, and Ballet Memphis strikes me as a good bet for you! Second best, only because of distance, would be Ballet Magnificat in North Jackson.

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my dream is to go to ballet magnificat. i have attended workshops there. i have never been to ballet memphis. all though i attended classical ballet memphis for almost 5 years. thank you for your research.

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I found a ballet school in my county. It is called (name of school removed in accordance with board policy). Will you look at the website and tell me if you think that it would be a good place to go. Its (URL removed in accordance with board policy)

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Looks like they might be okay, but hey, I'm talking actively GOOD with Ballet Memphis.


PS. Young Dancers, please don't put the administrators and moderators on the spot by making us judge a school on the basis of a website alone. We do not formally recommend or endorse any particular school, but can tell you what has looked good to us in the past from seeing the dancers. Websites rarely contain enough information to make an informed judgment about a school or company, and we can say, "This looks good, this doesn't look so good, and uh-oh!" But unless we really, really don't like what we see on a website, like potential fraud, we can't judge based on that information alone.

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I have been researching ballet schools near me. And i think i have found my place! and I think my mom might let me go! thank you for making me think of my future in dance! if it were'nt for y'all, I would still go to the same place next year.

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