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The terrible pirouettes

Molly Katherine

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I LOVE doing pirouettes, but somedays i can do a triple, and others i can barley do a decent single!! i usally fall to my side. what can i do to help me not fall on my side and keep my balace longer??

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Molly, I just don't think you can even expect to do pirouettes in your training circumstances. Once a week, gym floor, formerly carpet, and just not enough training to know how to align yourself, especially in a pirouette. The simple answer is that if you fall to the right, length your right side and get the left hip down. Vice versa for the left. If you fall back, move your body weight more forward. If you fall forward, you are probably leaning forward.

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Ok, the place where I train is not the best, I know that. But the teacher was the principal ballerina in North Carolina, and I think I learn alot from her. Does the condition of the room where you're dancing at change how good you can get?? last year i took twice a week, because i also took privite lessons. and since we're having a recital we took three times a week for half of this year, but we are about to get back down to once a week. I'm just so confused, I don't even know what I'm trying to ask you right now :)

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Yes, Molly, the condition of the room definitely affects your training. As does the lack of training.

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