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Capezio Tall Leotards

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I really need a ton of leotards for my summer intensive. I have one leotard that fits me perfectly, it is a capezio abt leotard, but they don't make it anymore! :devil: I ordered a Mirella medium-long and the new ones are just not long enough and digs into my shoulders and rides up and the place I bought from doesn't know when large-long will be in (and I need to be ready weeks in advance!). So, I was surfing the internet and found these Capezio tall sized leotards. I'm 5'8", 27/37-38(waist hips) and often just have problems all around with leotards, too short or too big. I was thinking of trying the medium tall from Capezio, but are they cut super long (for people who are 6') or are they not cut long enough? (I am pessismistic about this) I cannot find a sizing chart anywhere! Does anyone have one? Could you measure it for me?


Also, the Body Wrappers P100 (cotton premiere leotard), is the tall cut really wide too? The size chart makes me think it may be too wide.

Thank you!


(and I am 19 so I hope it's ok I post this here). :o

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Hi Kailyn,


I know the problem - when you are tall, leotards are either too short or too big and wide.

I am the same height as you and roughly the same measurements. I have a couple of the Capezio tall tank leotards and they fit me well in medium-long. But I also find that I can wear the Capezio princess seam tanks in the standard medium and that is long enough in the body. Must be something in the way they are cut.

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Well for what it's worth I'm 5' 2 1/2" and wear a large due to torso length! When I was measured for a costume a few months back my torso came in at 58"............the same and longer than girls a LOT taller than me.


I personally like the Bloch tank 5415. It's just a simple basic but I haven't had any problems with them being too wide or riding up in uncomfortable places.




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For what it is worth, I remember a saleslady on the phone telling me that the Capezio longs were generally about 2 inches longer in the girth (full body measure through the crotch and over one shoulder) than the regulars. I can't recall which company I was researching at the time, but I thought that the 2 inches (relatively one on the front and the other on the back) wasn't worth much to those worrying about keeping their breasts covered but it might help fight the minor wedgie. I know it is frustrating. Good luck.



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My capezio medium cuts my shoulders, but the large is baggy at the back, so if those talls are located i'd like to get my hands on a few. I did find the Gaynor Minden leotards to be long enough in the medium. Although they are twice the price.

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I'm in the same situation as you, appleblossom, with sizing. I'm right in between a medium and a large. I love my one medium-tall leo, it fits perfectly. Unfortunately, Capezio only makes the tall sizes in black. Another option is to get a leo with adjustable straps... they can make a big difference in comfort!

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