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Does anybody have any information on this University dance program? or know of some one that went there?




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A friend of my son's is a junior in the U of I dance program this year. She was just in town for a visit and we had a chance to catch up. She is very pleased with the program. She has had many opportunities to perform as well as have her own pieces presented. She is looking forward to doing her senior thesis which has two parts: a piece that she choreographs on other students and a piece that is choreographed on her by a person of her choosing. It sounds like the faculty has been very supportive. As I do not know many more details, I would suggest that you contact the school directly.

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Thanks for the information.


Yes, I have received information from the school already, I was just trying to get some insight from those that may know or have went to the program. I know other University were mentioned on this sight and I hadn't seen anything on the University of Illinois dance program. So I wasn't sure if this was a program that anyone was aware of.



Thanks again!

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Its been a while since anyone has posted on this. Im looking at applying here, does anyone have any update about this school?

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I will most likely be auditioning for this program for the 2017 school year. If I do audition, I will post more about it. I also know that besides the BFA, they are also adding a BA for the fall of 2016. I'm not sure if there is an audition required for the BA.

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Update: I attended the Oct. 10 audition. I loved the program. If anyone has any further questions, please feel free to comment!

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Watchmefouette, it would be appreciated if you out would post what you learned about the program, the audition experience, and your impressions of the campus and program. There is, as you can see, very little first hand information here about this program. You can help others looking for information by sharing yours . Thank you.

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My dd attended an audition and open house in November of this year.  She loved the visit and the program.

The open house was a great addition to the audition experience because we really got to get a full picture of the program.  The attendees were invited to participate in modern class with all of the freshman (around 15-20). There were tours and a meet-and-greet with the current students and a panel with students/faculty, as well as class observation.  We attended their fall dance concert and it was really impressive--technically strong and varied/interesting.

The department has a really large faculty, I think 12 full-time professors, and about 70-80 undergrads plus about 10 graduate students.

The audition consisted of a simple ballet class, modern class, improv, showing of a solo, and an interview.  My dd especially loved the interview because it felt more like a conversation than an interview.  They talked a lot about her choreography work and the solo she presented.

They talk quite a bit about helping dancers graduate debt-free, and in fact my daughter received quite a generous dance scholarship.  As an out-of-state student, the school is quite expensive, but this does help.  There is also a choreography scholarship that incoming students can compete for.

Compared to some programs, Illinois does have fewer technique classes for BFA students: ballet is 2x/week and Modern 3x/week plus electives (they have African and Hip Hop and Tap and Jazz I think).  

Overall a great fit for thinking dancers interested in creative work.  A very welcoming dance community.

My dd will not be likely to attend here because of distance and cost and because she wants a program with more intensity in technique classes.  But she loved it and already is thinking it's a place she would want to go get an MFA when she's ready!

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