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Girls doing double tours-help


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I'm learning (amongst other solos) the Polka girl from Ashton's Façade. We have to perform a solo each term from a small selection which we are rehearsed on in solos classes. I really like this solo, its fun and very different to anything I have performed yet. However, I am struggling with the double tour- yes you read that correctly- at the end. I have never done double tours before so don't even really know were to start. There is no releve into the tour. I would try and get into the boys classes to practise, but unfortunately they are always at the same time as my classes. I can do a single fairly easily...


also, does anyone know where I might find a clip of this solo. Or a video (online preferable) of Macmillan's Elite Syncopations which is in the same vain as this.


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I think you approach the double tour as you would any turn: you plie, jump up in the air, and turn twice. Keep practicing it until you aren't afraid of it. I think the biggest problem aside from technique with turns, is the mental stops.

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As I think you know, Ashton created the Polka on Alicia Markova. Both he and Balanchine made use of her ability to do double tours in their choreography ("Chant du Rossignol", "La Chatte") I think that something I tell the boys in my classes that was told to me by Muriel Stuart might help you. She said, "Jump STRAIGHT UP! WITH GREAT VIGOR AND LIFE!" Typography does not do justice to her exhortation! What had previously been a 635° turn instantly became 720°! I had Miss Stuart's excellent The Classic Ballet with me at class last night, and I showed one boy her text advice, "the torso above and slightly forward of the hip-line." ZOOM! Even gone, Miss Stuart always has the right words! (He had been leaning backward ever so slightly!) :)

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Re video, check out the LSC library. We have a vaste collection of videos/DVDs. PM if you have any questions.

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