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Leaving SFBS for SAB

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Sorry to prolong the sub-discussion here, but I thought this was important to say. I am concerned :wub: that we might have scared off Carolyn, who is a first-time poster. She would not have known about these rules, and she asked her question quite innocently, I am sure. How about we issue her an official BT4D welcome? (And possibly an apology, but by all means let's get on with helping her out.)


Carolyn, what kind of information would help you most at this point?

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Sorry for my absence - this is my first time checking up on the thread I've created. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to read what the former administrator of SFBS had to contribute because it was removed by the moderators before I logged on today. Nonetheless, from what I gather, she really put herself on the line to share with me real information that no doubt would have been of practical use to me. Thank you for taking the time and trouble and I hope in another 28 posts (I'm a new member) to be able to contact you directly. In the meantime, if anyone wants to attempt to address my question in a way acceptable to BT's lawyers, I would greatly appreciate it!

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Treefrog, thanks again! I have written to Carolyn offline and hope that she will post again and often here on Ballet Talk. We have many users who are anxious to provide assistance and we look forward to Carolyn becoming an active member of our cyber community! :wub:

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Here's your comparison:

Both schools are good

Both schools turn out professional dancers

Both schools have talented/cream-of-the-crop dancers

Both schools are capable of getting your child to a point where she could get a job if all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place

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Was that reply a genuine attempt to be helpful? Is this the kind of advice members are limited to giving because of the rules?

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I'm not sure what you want? There is no way possible that anyone here can tell you if your child will definitely get into SAB, based only upon the fact that she was at SFB even if we once worked there.


There are many factors that go into acceptance or rejection. Your daughter could have a bad day at her audition and not be accepted at SAB even though one of us here said she most likely would.


There are threads on both schools all over the place here. Take a little time and do some reading. Then you can make a comparison relative to your daughter and your particular situation. :thumbsup:


It simply does no good to make attempts to directly compare any 2 schools because every response is colored by opinion. Your job is to read all that has been written about whatever schools you are interested in, and make your own judgements. Beyond that, the next step is to go to the school and experience it for yourselves.


The good thing about NYC is that there are scads of good schools that produce professional talent. Your daughter may not like SAB, and may not think it's the place for her. Remember to evaluate the school as much as the school is evaluating you :wub:

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I believe it is meant to address the fact that SFB and SAB are both excellent dance schools. We are prohibited from comparing two schools within one thread because information can be lost which would otherwise be best kept to individual threads specific to individual schools. That is why we have to go to each school's thread to search for information. There you will find some facts mixed with a lot of opinions. From there, each of us is responsible for making decisions based upon our child's needs. That said, if you search you will find references to many schools which can offer an excellent dance education in NY.


Sorry, Clara, we were posting at the same time...

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Alas, it would seem that no posters have _direct_ experience with both schools, which is what would be needed to make a first-hand comparison. You might end up being the first, and then everybody will be quite eager to hear about your experiences.


Anyway, it seems to me that a number of useful nuggets of information have emerged to guide you (and others who might be facing a similar situation). Maybe these things were already obvious to you and you wanted the comparative information, or maybe not.


1. Consult with your dancing daughter's (dd's) teachers and/or SFBS administrators to see what they recommend and to see what help they might be willing to give you in terms of making phone calls to SAB or other schools.


2. If at all possible, plan for dd to visit NY ahead of time to visit SAB and possibly other schools depending on the outcome of (1). Schedule any school visits in advance.


3. SAB is not the be-all and end-all in NYC, as several have noted. The "fit" between student and school is important.


Good luck with your move!

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Thank you koshka! That is a wonderful summary of the information given early on in this thread that seems to be being overlooked.


To Carolyn, we certainly do welcome you. And hope you will take the time to find the SFBS threads that already exist and the SAB threads that already exist (seperately), and start gleaning the answers to the questions you have in your own mind. You will not however, find any information here that is in comparison of the two programs. What you will find is a long list of former members, current members, parents and even students who have information about each program seperately willing to help you within the confines of our rules here.


With that said, since the original topic was asking for comparisons and we can't give them, I will close the thread. I will also, try to use the search function on your behalf and place some links here for you here in just a bit to get you started.


SAB Thread


Ballet Schools in NYC




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