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modern class..


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Hi, i was just wondering..

I take modern twice a week, and i have to say that im really bad at it. I know that companies look for "well rounded" dancers who can adapt to different styles.. so is this a problem if i want to be in a major ballet company?

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Being versatile is a good thing, so, studying modern dance, and even jazz, can be helpful. Whether or not your expertise in these areas would hurt you in an audition or not, who knows? If the company does a majority of classical work, then probably not, but, if they do a lot of contemporary, the modern training will help you. You are still young, and have time to improve. Modern comes slowly, just like ballet, and you don't get nearly as much training in it, so no one will expect you to be brilliant. Just keep working and get as good as you can be, and it will be fine. :rolleyes:

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