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Ashlee Dear

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Hello, I'm 19 years old from Fort Wayne, IN and I want to start digging in deeper to ballet (after taking a few easy classes over the years), but I'm not sure where to take class. I've considered Fort Wayne Ballet, and while I think I could get decent training with them ... I'm not sure if they're right for me. I was also wondering if anyone knows anything about a new studio here called New American Youth Ballet. I've heard good things about them, but I don't like some technical things there that are small but bother me even so. :shrug: Also, they are not really geared at the adult beginner. I've considered talking classes 2 - 3 times a week at FWB and taking an open class at NAYB to give me exposure to elements of both, and then growing from there. If anyone has any other ideas or knows of somewhere else to take ballet that I am unaware of, I would be most grateful. :blink:

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Hello Ashlee Dear, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :shrug:


The Fort Wayne Ballet is the only school I know there, but hopefully some Indiana people will be able to offer other suggestions if you are not happy with their classes. But trying them first is a very good idea! :blink:

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From my experience (hey, I'm MUCH older than you!) the important thing is to start taking classes. Putting things off while waiting for the "perfect" teacher or environment is never worth it.


It's like steering a ship. No matter whether the ship is pointed in the right direction or not, the rudder won't do anything until the ship is moving. Once you are involved (moving) then steering (choosing teachers) becomes relevant.


One other point, which you will find frequently as you explore the archives: Good teaching is good teaching; credentials and reputation are nothing in comparison. Whether a studio is "right for you" is a small matter; whether a good teacher is available to you at that studio is ten times more important. Once you are taking classes regularly, you will develop an instinct for which teachers help you to grow the most.


That's not to say you can't benefit - as an adult student - from an indifferent teacher. Any chance to take class is a chance for self-corrections and for practice. But real growth requires a teacher who will give you corrections you never thought of before. You really need at least one good teacher, even if you take class from many others as well.


Just my humble opinion, of course. Sounds like you have about as much total ballet experience as I do (I started very late). But I've found these observations to be useful in ** many ** other areas as well as ballet.


Enjoy the journey :wub: - if dance is in you, it will be a wonderful one!

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Thanks for your reply. I feel a lot more confident about my options now. :P


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