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What pointe shoes???


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im going to get my very first pointe shoes soon so im not quite sure of what i need to look for when they are fitted and also what are the best makers of pointe shoes?? im so new and clueless please help me !!! luv grace x :wub:

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Well i know most peouple dont like Gannor Mindens but i think they are realy good especialy for your first pair. They are a lot easeier to get over the box than other shoes. They also come pre-broken in so u dont have to do it. You might find they are more costly but they will last for MUCH longer than regular shoes. That is my suggestion but i would try all different types till you find the perfect one for your foot because everyone has different feet. Hope that helps!!!!! Good luck you will love point shoes!!!!!!!! :wub:

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thanks i'll bear that in mind i'll try them on


please can all other people leave me more tips and advice

love grace x

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I know I'm only a teen, but I think I should say here that we should wait for the mods! For pointe shoe advice go to the Pointe Shoes forum look at the stickies and Ms. Devor's website. And I'm not gonna give any advice, as people agree with different shoes.


just enjoy your fitting i~luv~ballet~!!!


anne x

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I love ballet, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :wub:


First, your teacher should offer some suggestions of what she feels is best for your foot. Some teachers have preferences for specific kinds of shoes.


Secondly, it is not good to take advice from other dancers, as, even though they are very well meaning, everyone's feet are different and it must be done through fittings and trying on lots of different shoes.


Thirdly, dancergirl894, advice on the Young Dancer's forum is given by the moderators. AFTER a moderator has responded to a question, students may add some information, but NOT advice.

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A choice of first shoes is very much a matter between you and your teacher and the products that you have available to you. I would be very hesitant indeed to get a first pair of pointe shoes via mail. A fitter or teacher can't apply quality control quickly enough that way. Ideally, you should have advice from your teacher as to what kind of shoe to try, and then, if she's not with you at the store (most teachers don't have that kind of time available) inspect it for fit before you start wearing it, or worse, sewing ribbons and elastic to it.

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i totally agree that you should talk to your teacher.

Be carefull to recognize your judgment also.

if the shoe feels right on your feet get it regardless of your teachers liking of the shoe.

The only thing to be cautious about is Ganors.

I am a dancer, and i am not judging, but gainers are not a good begginers pair.

Some people may beg to differ.

My understanding is only proffesionals should be using them.

Although they may be easy to rise up to as a begginer they do not train your feet to have proper strength in the end.

They basically give you a get of of jail card as far as work goes.


Hope this helped.



go easy on your self, but get a shoe that will challange you just to the point were you are strenghting your feet for future.

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Yes yes yes, talk to your teacher first, sometimes the people in dancewear stores might try to sell you the most expensive pair of pointe shoes :thumbsup: .


Um, yeah, I wouldn't recommend Gaynors to my beginning student if I had one. :excl: But that's just me. :blushing:


Bunhd67, I agree to a certain extent, but I wouldn't go rebelling against my teachers if they don't think the shoe would look good on my foot and I was a beginning pointe student and didn't know much about pointe shoes. :shrug:


I think the best thing would be to have a teacher go with you, Iluvballet, if you can schedule it. :thumbsup:


Oh by the way, welcome to BT4D,bunhd67!!!! :lol:



Edit: oops!!! I'm soooooo sorry, Mods, if you guys think this post is too advice-ish, please delete.:shrug:

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Thats awesome! I was so excited to get mine :sweating: . Unfortunately I went to an unknowledgeable person who fitted me incorrectly :rolleyes: Fortunately though, no permanent damage was done :dry:

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