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Ballerino Nate by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley is a children's picture book about a young boy who sees a ballet performance and decides to take ballet classes to pursue his love of dance.


Plot spoiler :thumbsup: : Nate is teased by his brother who tells him that only girls take ballet, that he will have to wear a pink tutu, etc., but his parents support his decision and he begins classes. He meets a professional male dancer after a performance who explains about the word ballerino.


Cute book, geared for young children. Use the link at the top of this page to go to Amazon where you can read more about the book and search inside it.

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Thanks for the Heads Up, Mama Stahlbaum!!

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The Only Boy In Ballet Class is a wonderful children's book, written by a boy's mother at our studio. It would make a great holiday gift! Don't forget to use the BTFD Amazon link.

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Sounds very cute!

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Guest full of grace and truth

Thank you, everyone! I feel as though you've read my mind...I was planning on asking this question today! My 4-year-old son just started ballet. He is just TOO cute in there! This book will make the perfect gift.

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Can anyone recommend a ballet book for a 10 year old boy? These both sound cute, but way too young for my DS.

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