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Need Better Feet.


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Sorry for posting another new topic but I searched and there were just to many to go through about feet.


Anyway I don't have very good feet. Even my teacher has commented on them and given me excersises and even though i've only been doing them for a while they don't seem to be helping. I was just wondering if you could give me some to strengthen and make my feet more flexible.


thank you for answering my many questions,


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TuTuPrincess, the teacher/moderators answers on this topic are really always the same. Feet improve over a VERY long period of time, not in a few weeks, months, or even years. However, they do improve with enough work, especially when one is articulating every single tendu, dégagé, frappé, pas de cheval (especially helpful), and all of your barre work. In addition, working with a theraband is good for developing both strength and flexibility.

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what is pas de cheval? (have i asked this question before? Im getting deja vu!)


anne x


edit to add: its because Ive asked the question before! oops! sorry

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