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How do you get it all done?


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I was just thinking about how there are SO many things to work on in ballet: increasing turnout, flexibility, strength, and so many more!! :grinning: I know that you need to work on these things outside of class but I can barely even finish all of my homework!! How do you fit it all in?

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That is such a very good question, and I wish that there were a simple answer, but there isn't, because each of us is so very different.


Let me fasten on one important phrase in your message: "I can barely even finish all of my homework."


What you have just told me is that you DO finish your homework! That's a good thing. It tells me that you have developed organization skills sufficient to let you accomplish things which need to be done. Lots of people can't get that far. As you mature, you'll find that you'll be challenged to handle more and more complex operations, and with the good planning you seem to be demonstrating, you can meet these challenges, and exceed them. Keep up the good work. I realize that I'm speaking of rubbing your tummy and patting your head to exponential levels, but if ballet teaches us one thing, it's how to coordinate! :grinning:

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I personally don't think of myself as someone with good "organizational skills" but I guess it all comes with time and working harder!! Thanks for the reassurance!


Claire :(

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